is a parameter for AtomicState that specifies the parity of the state.


returns the value specified for Parity in AtomicState state, or Parity[StateLabel[state]] if it is not specified.

Details and Options

  • Possible values for Parity are Even and Odd.
  • Parity is automatically threaded over a list of AtomicState objects appearing as its argument.
  • The value of Parity is used to determine which states are coupled by the E1 Hamiltonian.


Basic Examples  (1)

A three level system with two even-parity states and one odd-parity state:

Get the values of Parity:

Opposite-parity states are coupled by the E1 Hamiltonian, but same-parity states are not:

By default, LevelDiagram puts even-parity states on the left and odd-parity states on the right: