returns the repopulation matrix for unpolarized atoms described by atomic system sys entering the experimental region at a rate rate.

Details and Options

  • The atomic system sys is specified as a list of AtomicState objects.
  • The entering atomic population is taken to be equally distributed among all sublevels of ground states, i.e., states that have zero natural width.
  • All sublevels of the ground states are counted for the purpose of evenly dividing the incoming atomic polarization, even if some of those sublevels are missing from the atomic system.


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Basic Examples  (2)

Define a two level system:

The transit-repopulation matrix:

A Zeeman system:

The transit-repopulation matrix:

Properties & Relations  (1)

Define a hyperfine system:

Remove the three sublevels from the system:

Each sublevel receives 1/8 of the incoming population, even though there are only five states explicitly kept in the system: