is a parameter for AtomicState that parameterizes the hyperfine splitting of the state due to the electronic interaction with the nuclear electric quadrupole moment.


returns the value specified for HyperfineB in AtomicState state, or HyperfineB[StateLabel[state]] if it is not specified.

Details and Options

  • HyperfineB is considered to have units of angular frequency.
  • The hyperfine shift of a state with HyperfineA and HyperfineB denoted by and , respectively, is given by , where and , , and are the total, total electronic, and total nuclear angular-momentum quantum numbers, respectively.
  • HyperfineB is automatically threaded over a list of AtomicState objects appearing as its argument.


Basic Examples  (1)

Specify the HyperfineA and HyperfineB parameters for a state with hyperfine structure, omitting the sublevel from the system:

Get the specified HyperfineB parameters for each Zeeman sublevel:

The values of HyperfineA and HyperfineB are used to calculate the hyperfine shift for each sublevel: