is a parameter for AtomicState that specifies the nuclear angularmomentum quantum number for the atom.


returns the value specified for NuclearSpin in AtomicState state, or NuclearSpin[StateLabel[state]] if it is not specified.

Details and Options

  • NuclearSpin should be set to integer or half-integer values.
  • NuclearSpin is automatically threaded over a list of AtomicState objects appearing as its argument.
  • An atomic state with NuclearSpin specified is considered to be part of an atomic system of type "HyperfineZeeman", and Sublevels will expand it to its list of hyperfine and Zeeman sublevels.


Basic Examples  (1)

Find the hyperfine and Zeeman sublevels of a state with J and NuclearSpin specified:

Get the nuclear spin values from the sublevels:

This is a hyperfine-Zeeman system: