is a parameter for AtomicState that specifies the electronic spin angularmomentum quantum number.


returns the value specified for S in AtomicState state, or S[StateLabel[state]] if it is not specified.

Details and Options

  • S should be set to integer or half-integer values.
  • S is used to determine the -factor for an atomic state. If the parameter GFactor is specified, or the -factor is not required, then the value of S is not used.
  • See documentation for L.
  • S is automatically threaded over a list of AtomicState objects appearing as its argument.


Basic Examples  (1)

Two-level atomic system with Zeeman structure:

Get the values of S:

The values of L, S, and J are used to find the Landé -factor for each state:

The -factor enters in the magnetic-field interaction Hamiltonian: